Marketing, the Story that Spreads


Effective marketing is a factor of the quintessential thriving business. Without a good brand for your company, consumers will never be able to learn about what you’re offering, especially as more and more advertisements bombard them each day. So how do you push your way to the top by standing out from the competition? On December 10, James Shi, who is an avid marketer with over 6 years of experience in advertisement design and brand consulting, came to Hanhai to discuss his perspective on what defines marketing. The seminar was followed by a highly interactive discussion during which the audience was encouraged to share their business experiences.

About Speaker:James Shi is a passionate marketer who enjoys figuring out how consumers react to the modern day marketing. He has over 6 years of experience in advertisement design and brand consulting, helping small businesses to position themselves in the market. Prior to moving to the Bay Area, James was part of the National Business and Technology Conference (NBTC) that aims to inspire young engineers and business grads in creating innovative solutions. He also had his own non-profit startup from 2011 that aims in fostering a professional networking platform for young, multicultural professionals in the Greater Toronto Area. James currently works at Fan Appz Inc, connecting small merchants and helping them to build a direct communication channels with their customers.
When he’s not super excited about marketing, James enjoys hiking, cruising along hwy 1, photography, and public speaking.